Walker Oden

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Walker J Oden

Name / Names Walker J Oden
Age 58
Birth Date 1966
Also Known As John W Oden
Person 2409 Town Lake Cir #313, Austin, TX 78741

Walker Herman Oden

Name / Names Walker Herman Oden
Age 62
Birth Date 1962
Also Known As Herman Oden
Person 886 Peerless Ave, Akron, OH 44320
Phone Number 330-836-9497
Possible Relatives

Miller R Oden
Previous Address 2707 Klotz Ave, Canton, OH 44730

Walker H Oden

Name / Names Walker H Oden
Age N/A
Person 886 PEERLESS AVE, AKRON, OH 44320
Phone Number 330-836-9497


Address 886 Peerless Avenue Akron OH 44320
Value 34360
Landvalue 16810
Buildingvalue 34360
Landarea 5,880 square feet
Bedrooms 3
Numberofbedrooms 3
Type Gas
Basement Full