Berdena Borum

We have found 4 public records related to Berdena Borum in 2 states . All found profiles of Berdena Borum live in CRAWFORD county. Average age is 80. Ethnicity of Berdena Borum is German. Education level of Berdena Borum is Completed High School. Berdena Borum speaks English language. We haven't found any business registration records connected with Berdena Borum. We haven't found any government employees.

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Berdena Sue Borum

Name / Names Berdena Sue Borum
Age 80
Birth Date 1942
Also Known As Berden Sue Borum
Person 1902 Doyle Rd, Mountainburg, AR 72946
Phone Number 501-369-2383
Possible Relatives

Verdena Borum

Previous Address 2808 26th St, Rogers, AR 72756
2808 26th St, Rogers, AR 72758
R2, Rogers, AR 72756
RR 2 POB 53A #53A, Rogers, AR 72758
53A PO Box, Rogers, AR 72757

Berdena S Borum

Name / Names Berdena S Borum
Age N/A
Person 1902 DOYLE RD, MOUNTAINBURG, AR 72946
Phone Number 479-369-9194

Berdena S Borum

Name / Names Berdena S Borum
Age N/A
Person PO BOX 1453, ALMA, AR 72921
Phone Number 479-471-9958

Berdena S Borum

Name Berdena S Borum
Address 122 Math Ln Roland OK 74954-5192 -3504
Phone Number 479-369-2041
Gender Unknown
Ethnicity German
Ethnic Group Western European
Estimated Household Income $10,000
Estimated Net Worth $50,000
Lines Of Credit Trade Counter 3
Education Completed High School
Language English