Waynetta Jordan

We have found 5 public records related to Waynetta Jordan in 2 states . Ethnicity of Waynetta Jordan is English. Waynetta Jordan speaks English language. We haven't found any business registration records connected with Waynetta Jordan. There is one profile of government employee in our database. Waynetta Jordan job title is Teacher. This person works in Texas state. Average wage of employees is $49,279.

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Waynetta Bates Jordan

Name / Names Waynetta Bates Jordan
Age 70
Birth Date 1953
Also Known As Waynetta C Jordan
Person 101 Pryor Ave, Follett, TX 79034
Phone Number 806-653-2128
Possible Relatives

Mynsia B Jordan

Lynsia B Jordan
Previous Address 205 PO Box, Follett, TX 79034
& April Johnathon Ar #1805, Follett, TX 79034
101 Pryor, Follett, TX 79034
320 Young, Follett, TX 79034

Waynetta C Jordan

Name / Names Waynetta C Jordan
Age N/A
Person PO BOX 205, FOLLETT, TX 79034
Phone Number 806-653-2128

Waynetta Jordan

Name / Names Waynetta Jordan
Age N/A
Person 734 National Tpke, Munfordville, KY 42765
Possible Relatives

Previous Address 762 Pine Ridge Rd, Bonnieville, KY 42713

Jordan Waynetta

State TX
Calendar Year 2015
Employer Follett Isd
Job Title Teacher
Name Jordan Waynetta
Annual Wage $49,279

Waynetta C Jordan

Name Waynetta C Jordan
Address PO Box 205 Follett TX 79034-0205 -0205
Phone Number 806-653-2128
Gender Female
Date Of Birth 1950-02-24
Ethnicity English
Ethnic Group Western European
Estimated Household Income $30,000
Estimated Net Worth $10,000
Lines Of Credit Trade Counter 1
Language English